The affordable health care act will actually INCREASE most people’s premiums? Is this true?

I have been researching the affordable heath care act on the web and from what I can see from my initial investigation is that health care costs will actually go UP in 2014 for the vast majority of people who already had insurance.

I became licensed as a healthcare insurance producer a while ago and am interviewing with healthcare insurance providers to see which one will provide the best deal for the consumer.

I am leaning toward working for an insurance broker rather than a captive agent like State Farm and All State because captive agents have one product they represent while Insurance brokers represent several lines of insurance and can get the best deal for their client.

Wish me luck on my investigation I’ll keep you posted as I find new thing out about health insurance on this blog.




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As a tax accountant I like finding new tax deductions. What is the strangest tax deduction you ever heard of?

I love getting my clients the maximum tax deduction. What is the strangest tax deduction you ever heard of?

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Why give to church?

I tithe (and then some) to the New Life Church of Dixon.  I’m one of those year-around givers (I should be because I graduated from Seminary and take it very seriously) I frequently get asked why do you give to the charity of your choice?

It’s usually because I belive in the cause or I want to support the building project ot mission.  Or perhaps someones personal story touched me.  Or at times it’s a little piece of immortality knowing that I helped build a church that will be standing and helping people for years after I’m gone.

So I throw the question out to you: Why do you give to Churches?  Or to put it in a negative way, why don’t you give to churhces?

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What’s The best Accounting Software for Contractors?

I’ve spent years as a consultant providing Accounting Software for the construction industry.  A major part of my accounting practice involves Quick Books Accounting Software, but I’d be interested in what the Blogosphere thinks is the best Accounting Software for the construction industry.  I’ve represented ContrAcct Systems software, ComputerEase Software, I have contractor clients who use Timberline and other software applications.    I’d be interested in hearing from contractors and consultants about which software is the best for subcontractors and General Contractors in the Construction industry.

Charitable giving video

Charitable Deductions


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